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Car seats can take a beating. The interiors of your car are one of the first places to show signs of wear and display the evidence of living. Regardless of how careful you are in your car, life is busy, messy and the unexpected happens, and the cloth, leather, vinyl or eco-friendly fabric are likely to succumb to wear and tear. As a result, your factory-installed seats might need a touch-up. Wholesale Carport Product

Best Car Seat Covers Of 2024 – Forbes Home

That being said, replacing seats with original or near-original upholstery is an expensive process that is both time and labor intensive. A great alternative is aftermarket seat covers. They are inexpensive, easy to install and just as easy to replace. Here’s a few to consider.

Compatible with vehicles featuring 40/60, 50/50 or 60/40 split bench seat configurations

Fully compatible with side airbag designs Double Stitched Seams 100% Washable

Durable protection against every day wear and tear

Form-fitting design conforms to the contours of all vehicle seats

Airbag-friendly unique side stitching technique, Honeycomb mesh back and seat provide enhanced ventilation, Easy installation

Black Panther Luxury Faux Leather Car Seat Cover

Wear-resistant PU leather with non-slip rubber backing

Simple installation, no need to flip the seat

Waterproof & Easy to clean, Triangle quilted design with handy pockets, Built-in high rebound sponge

Black Panther Luxury Faux Leather Car Seat Cover

Available in a range of colors and textures, this offer replicates the finely finished look that many manufacturers are using for their interiors. The contoured and complex nature of this design offers a premium look at a fraction of the price of replacing seat covers with near-original OEM upholstery.

Black Panther Seat Covers with Diamond Pattern

Easy to remove seat covers can be a boon. Sometimes you simply want to protect them from messy kids, dirty pets and muddy boots. These seat covers offer a clean look, simple installation, comfy cushioning and leatherette fabric that makes for a comfortable drive. We also loved that the variety of patterns, colors and fabrics means that you’ll be able to find one that fits your vehicle with ease.

Best Heated Seat Cover Upgrade

Best Heated Seat Cover Upgrade

Sunny Color Car Seat Cushion

Getting into a freezing car in the winter is one of those small annoyances that makes a trip seem that much longer. Heated seats are often an add-on factory option, so there’s no guarantee that your car comes equipped with this feature, but you can add the warming benefits of a heated seat to your older car with these easily installed covers.

PIC AUTO High Back Full Set Car Seat Covers

While heated and/or ventilated seats are an optional feature on many new vehicles, it is no surprise that the aftermarket space has a variety of options to choose from. These seat covers have a mesh center for ventilation as well as a cover that has foam padding beneath leatherette upholstery. It covers the entire seat, is easy to install and provides a low-tech option.

Best For Protecting Seat Bottoms

Best For Protecting Seat Bottoms

West Llama Luxury Pu Leather Car Seat Pad Bottom Covers Protectors

Life is messy. Sometimes the bottom section of the seats bear the brunt of life and need a refresh. Regardless if it’s the result of kids spilling snacks in the backseat or the brutal summer sun causing cracks and additional wear, these lower seat covers keep it easy. They are simple to clean, install in seconds and are priced gently.

We assessed car seat covers based on the type of car seat cover, price and reviews from critics and users. We focused on the quality, quantity and detail of reviewer comments and images provided by buyers (when available). We also assessed the color, shape and fit in manufacturer photos and videos to assess each set’s quality, fit, look and performance.

We evaluate all car seat covers based on the following weighted metrics:

Match your car to your style with varied car accessories like seat covers, floor mats and more. Get competitive pricing from top brands here.

The most popular seat covers are made of a synthetic fiber known as neoprene and neosupreme. Sometimes called scuba, the fabric is life-proof, water and scratch resistant and very easy to clean. Covers are also made from cotton, rayon, leatherette and natural leather, in addition to the new textiles being created by automakers everyday.

Each of the fabrics has a different texture and properties that make it ideal for upholstery and in vehicle use. Families may choose neoprene for its easy-care durability while pet owners may lean to leather for its scratch-resistant properties.

Maybe. Some fabrics like cotton and neoprene can go into a washing machine and then be air dried. Others like leather or leatherette are spot clean only. Be sure to read the label on the cover for the specific instructions for your seat cover.

Yes. All of the covers listed above are designed to be installed at home and by the buyer. In fact, almost all aftermarket seat covers are made for easy installation, but the degree of difficulty will vary by product.

They can be. Seat covers are more of a function over form option and can be well done. To get a look that is the most similar to the original upholstery, choose neutral colors and muted tones that are similar to the colors within the interior of the vehicle. That being said, style is subjective. Choose what you need.

Yes. For a pet owner, a seat cover is a brilliant solution. It can protect the seats from scratches, accidents and mishaps. The best options for pet owners are washable, durable and removable. Rear seat and bottom seat covers can protect your seats as well as provide a cool, breathable space for your beloved pet. Be sure to check out our article that shares our recommendations for the best dog (and other pet) seat covers.

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Best Car Seat Covers Of 2024 – Forbes Home

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