The Only Vinegar Cleaner Recipe You Need - Forks Over Knives

Detox your spring cleaning routine with a DIY cleaner made from a powerhouse pantry staple: distilled white vinegar. Mixed with water and optional natural scent enhancers, this easy recipe is great at removing grime, grease, and odor around the kitchen. The vinegar base contains 5% acetic acid, a natural cleanser and mild disinfectant that kills common foodborne bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and pleasant on the nose, a homemade vinegar cleaner doesn’t require the same safety precautions as strong chemical-based cleaners that can irritate your skin, eyes, and airways. Just keep in mind that vinegar isn’t enough to eliminate COVID-19 or other cold-causing viruses, so we recommend using a stronger commercial disinfectant for more serious sanitizing jobs. White Bottles

The Only Vinegar Cleaner Recipe You Need - Forks Over Knives

In a 16-ounce glass spray bottle combine 8 ounces of distilled white vinegar and 8 ounces of water. Optional: Add a few long strips of lemon zest and/or a handful of fresh rosemary sprigs, or 5 to 10 drops of lavender or lemongrass essential oil. Adding scent isn’t essential for the solution to be effective, but it adds a pleasant aroma to everything you clean!

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The Only Vinegar Cleaner Recipe You Need - Forks Over Knives

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