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CES 2024's pet tech reveals are focused on helping you get closer to your four-legged friend.

Humans aren't the only species who get to benefit from CES reveals. Samsung wants to help you track your pets. Making Sand Molds

CES 2024: The Best Pet Tech We

Between transparent TVs and a phone you can flip both ways, this year's CES in Las Vegas has plenty of products and services geared toward making the lives of human beings a bit more high-tech. This year's colossus consumer tech show is not just for humans: CES 2024 has plenty for your furry friend as well. 

From an AI pet robot that feeds and cares for your dog while you're away to a collar that can alert you to your pet's potential health concerns, this year's CES has something for pet owners and critters in your backyard. Here are some of our favorite pet tech products that we've seen so far in Las Vegas. 

For more on CES, here's how AI is a major theme this year and the tech we've seen you can actually buy. 

Oro's AI-powered pet robot lets you interact with your four-legged friend, even while you're away. 

Leaving your dog at home alone all day is truly one of the worst feelings in the world. If your dog has separation anxiety, leaving for the day can be equally as stressful for your dog as it is for you. Enter Oro's AI-powered autonomous robot. 

This robot lets you check in on your pup with two-way audio and interactive video and dispense treats or food. Since it's powered by AI, the robot can learn your dog's behavior and try to calm it down at signs of distress, Oro said. Oro's AI-powered robot retails for $799 and begins shipping in April of this year. 

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Invoxia's Smart Dog Collar lets you track your pet's real-time movements

Wearable tech continues to be all the rage, and it's about time that pets get in on the trend. Invoxia's Smart Dog Collar allows you to track your dog's real-time movements, while also monitoring their well-being, sleep, heart rate, appetite and even their bark, the company said. 

According to Invoxia, this collar can be used for all sorts of preventative care for your pet. You can use the data the collar provides to give to your vet for diagnostic purposes and catch diseases early before they become severe, the company said. This pet wearable costs $149.

Birdfy's AI-powered bird feeder can notify you when a bird lands to feed. 

While this one isn't directed at the animals inside the home, we still think this high-tech bird feeder is cool because it will help us get to know the animals living outside the home. Birdfy's Feeder comes equipped with a camera and is powered by AI, the company said.

When a bird visits the feeder, the Birdfy app will notify you of the feathered visitor landing, show you a video feed and helpidentify the bird species for you. Equipped with "bird-friendly" perches, the Birdfy Feeder is $170, right now. 

Pawport's dog door gives owners a bit more control over their pets comings and goings. 

Dog doors can be convenient for your pet but kind of dodgy for the people who live in the home, letting in bugs and letting out heating or cooling. Plus, they could pose a security risk. Pawport is trying to tackle some of these issues with its high-tech take on the pet door. 

Pawport's pet door is made of solid steel and aluminum and can slide over your existing pet door to create a secure, weather-proof portal. The door opens and closes based on your dog's proximity to the door by detecting a tag on your pet's collar. This tag collects data on when your dog is using the door. The Pawport pet door also comes with an app that allows you to lock and unlock the door remotely, so you can rest assured that your pet door doesn't compromise your home's security. Sign up to preorder.

Hate scooping litter? Whisker's Litter Robot enables you to ditch that chore

Cat owners on the CES show floor I'm sure all agree with me -- scooping litter might just be the worst chore in the whole world. Whisker's Litter-Robot aims to alleviate some of the pain that comes with scooping litter. While litter robots are not necessarily new or groundbreaking inventions, the Litter-Robot 4 seeks to move the needle on odor management and cat safety. 

According to Whisker, the upgraded litter robot can track both waste and litter levels in real time and help manage odors. The litter robot can handle up to four cats, so you won't have to worry about shelling out for multiple litter robots if you have multiple kitties. Whisker's Litter-Robot costs $699. 

Samsung's GalaxyTag2 gives up pupdates on your dog's every movement.

Samsung may be showing off curious foldable phone prototypes and transparent TVs this week at CES, but the company has its eye on pets in the home too. During a keynote address at the conference,  Samsung talked about how its Galaxy SmartTag2 can track pets' activities and store identifying information, thanks to Samsung's AI-powered SmartThings application, by attaching a Galaxy SmartTag 2 to a collar or harness. The tracker is $30.

CES 2024: The Best Pet Tech We

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